State wide Area Network

SWAN is a State-wide computer data/ voice/ video network set up upto the block level for running the e-governance applications across the state. This implementation connects the State HQ, District HQs, Sub-divisional HQs and Block HQs to bring the speed, efficiency, reliability and accountability in overall system of G2G/G2C functioning. Tripura was 6th state in the country and 1st state in the Eastern & North Eastern Region to complete SWAN.
All DMs, SDMs and BDOs offices were initially connected through 2 Mbps leased lines. However, in view of increase in usage of the network, the bandwidth has been upgraded to 4/8/10/100/1000 Mbps depending on the requirement. As on 31st March 2018, overall 81 SWAN Point of Presence (PoPs), 86 sites (DMs/ SDMs/ BDOs), 232 Departmental Offices have been connected through SWAN. In last 2 quarters, 5 more blocks have been covered. Work is in progress to connect 4 remaining newly created blocks. Using these SWAN PoPs, 232 numbers of various Departmental offices are connected with NICNET.